A Note from the Chairman of Lach Dennis and Lostock Green Parish Council

Tuesday would have been our annual/Parish Council meeting, however due to Covid 19 this was not possible.The chairman will stay in office until such time as a meeting can be convened.

The precept has been received £7,933 bringing a balance to £14,613.78 in the current account and £7269.17 in the savings account.

Notes of interest: the crematorium have used the Covid 19 outbreak as an opportunity to open for business , in doing so they are in breach of the conditions laid down at the appeal heard April 2019, one of the conditions being the S278. They have also without consultation or permission altered the operating hours closing Fridays and opening all day Saturday and Sunday. Emails of complaint have been sent to the planning officer Rob Charnley and to the CEO Andrew Lewis by the chair and other councillors, Mark Stocks and Ester McVey along with members of the public. The reply being they are not prepared to issue an enforcement notice at this moment in time, they have however informed the crematorium management that they are in breach of the opening times which they have acknowledged and say they will notify the Funeral Directors they are no longer able to accept funerals on Saturdays after 12pm only time will tell if they keep to their word.

The planning committee was held by virtual means on Tuesday 5th May, sadly despite our earnest endeavours and those of Lostock Gralam , Rudheath and Northwich along with a statement from Mark Stocks the Lime beds application was granted permission, there are however 38 very strict conditions that need to be executed within 10 months or the permission will be withdrawn.

INOVYN have begun trials on the land at Hangmans Lane, they are endeavouring to rectify the piping problems , gypsum has been put onto the land, Jon has photographs of how beautiful it looked a few years ago with all the trees and masses of Daffodils and has assured me it will look like that once again.

The atmosphere in the villages is good , everyone adapting to the lockdown, I have been moved at the turn out on Thursday for clap for the NHS and Carers in fact  it has become quite an event on Birches Lane , my thanks to everyone not only for the support but the numbers of rainbows in windows, on doors and gates, I believe there are over 70 teddy bears hiding in the village which gives the children the opportunity to spot them as at a magical hour they change places.

VE Day despite Covid 19 was enjoyed by all , the two minute silence was observed at 11am, later in the day tables and chairs were evident on Birches Lane and in the closes lots of bunting and union jacks flying with pride, rip roaring patriotic music could be heard echoing around the village.

A call went out for scrubs material which received a great response Jim Mather provided a substantial amount of fabric , whilst residents donated pillowcases for scrub bags duvet covers and sheet all greatly received by the volunteers making the scrubs. I am aware in other villages ladies have been busy sewing scrubs and making visors , Covid 19 is a most terrible virus and has brought great unhappiness  to many people , it has also brought people together neighbours have got to know other neighbours with offers of shopping etc., we have shown great spirit.

After the Prime Ministers broadcast regarding the slow release on lockdown in certain areas the Parish Council were approached with regard to the opening of the playground. Unfortunately the playground falls under the area of places that must remain closed therefore until  such time as this changes the playground must remain closed.

Until such time as we are able to meet may I thank you all for the support given and urge you all to stay safe , keep to the rules  and we will beat this virus.

Kindest regards

Susan Batters

Chairman LDPC