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Community Defibrillator

A lady collapsed in a busy shopping area. Passers by sprang into action recognising she was having a heart attack. They even retrieved the community Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
BUT, no one “knew” how to use it. And no one opened the box. Sadly the lady died as paramedics couldn’t reach her in time.
If you have never opened or used an AED or seen it in action we urge you to watch this video – it will only take you a minute and half to watch :
The instant you open the box you will hear a recording. It tells you exactly what to do, when to stand clear, when to do CPR. The AED kit has pictures on where to place the pads. It also contains a razor if you need to shave a patients chest hair.
We all know our emergency services are under pressure and any of us could be in this situation. Let’s be educated and ready to help