CWAC bin lorry and operator carrying food bin

Final collections of garden waste bins

In January, the Council embarked on a major consultation exercise to plan for the
new Waste Management Strategy.
Residents and other stakeholders were asked to give their views on proposals for
the new service and more than 14,800 people responded. The proposed new service
has been shaped based on these responses.
More than 73 per cent of those who responded agreed with the Council’s priorities
for the waste strategy. They were to reduce overall waste, maximise recycling and
deliver a cost-effective service.
Based on the findings of the consultation, the key recommendations for the new
Waste Management Strategy include bigger bins, more opportunities to recycle and
the introduction of a charge for green waste collection.
The chargeable garden waste collection service will be provided over 40 weeks of
the year, covering the ‘growing season’ between March and November.
The charge is £40 per year per container for green waste collections. This equates to
£2 per collection and is in line with the current additional capacity charge. Residents
will be able to choose to sign up to this service or make alternative arrangements.
What is happening
The final free garden waste bin collection service takes place on residents’ usual
collection day between 22 November and 5 December. After this date, garden waste
bins will not be collected free of charge.
Number: 1962
This briefing is to advise members that residents are encouraged to put out their
garden waste bins for this final collection to ensure their waste is collected, ahead of
the service stopping during the winter months.
Further information about how residents can subscribe for the new chargeable
garden waste collection service, which launches in Spring 2022, will be available in
the coming weeks.
For further information contact: Mark Brazil
Responsible Committee, Cabinet Member: Councillor Karen Shore
Date: 17 November 2021