Keep Your Dog On A Lead – Lambing Season

Lambing season is now in full swing. This is rapidly followed by the breeding season for ground nesting birds like grouse and curlew. Hares also use open fields to have their young. Whether we are protecting livestock from stress or protecting our British wildlife, much of which is endangered, the message is the same. Keep your dog under control. If you are in any doubt about your dog’s recall, keep your dog on a lead.

You may not be aware there are sheep in the field until it is too late. If your dog’s recall is any less than 100%, keep them on the lead while walking in the countryside.

The issue with dogs chasing birds and other wildlife has been made worse this year by the number of game birds around. The shooting season was curtailed by the autumn and winter lockdowns. This means that many pheasants bred for the shoot are simply wondering around woodlands, an easy target for a hunting dog. If your dog can’t resist the chase, keep them with you at all times.