Storm Christoph Flood Investigation – Request for information


I am writing to you with regards to the widespread flooding and damage caused by Storm Christoph 18- 22 January 2021 in the Cheshire West and Cheshire area.

I work for Atkins, who have been commissioned by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) to undertake Section 19 flood investigations on their behalf. The purpose of the investigations is to gather evidence and assess the cause of flooding before making recommendations to reduce the risk of future flooding. We are currently gathering evidence and consultation with affected residents, land and business owners will be a valuable part of this process. Therefore, I would really value your time if you were able to provide information regarding flooding during the flood event.

I have received your contact details from Jim Gibbins, Area Commissioner for CWaC Council, and am hoping that you can help us in this investigation by sharing your story.

If you, your land and/or property was affected by the flooding event or you were the witness to flooding please could you reply to this email with the following details:

  • Brief narrative of what happened;
    • Including date and times if available
    • Including source of the floodwater if known (river/brook, drains, etc)
    • Any other details that you think may be relevant
  • The property address(es) affected;
  • Any photos taken during the event (including what time the picture was taken, if possible).

In the next month, my colleague and I will visit the areas affected to get a better understanding of what happened. If you are interested in meeting with us – in person, outdoors – to discuss what happened, please let us know. We are working with several partners on this initiative, including Betts Associates, who may be in attendance and have some questions too.

Thank you for any support you can offer, our intention is that the outcome of this investigation will lead to more resilient infrastructure and informed response plan with the ultimate goal of reduced flooding in future events.

Kind regards,


Kate Thompson
Assistant Engineer, Infrastructure
UK & Europe
Engineering, Design and Project Management


Chadwick House, Birchwood Park, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6AE